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Workshop Guidelines:

one hour long

average 20-40 participants

you will have the ability to project your screen/laptop to a whiteboard

should not be dependent on wifi (have a backup plan in case you cannot connect)

you may present with a partner: no more than three people in a group. (EACH PRESENTER MUST UPLOAD HIS/HER OWN REGISTRATION. Workshop descriptions must be identical).

Submission Requirements

You will be asked to submit several items for review. These materials will be used in the conference publication and shared on NATE 20 media outlets.

Bio: Please include a short bio, written in the third person, including your name, your affiliation, your interest or experience with NATE (maximum 100 words).Workshop Description (900-1000 words): Describe the workshop: what will be covered, what participants will learn or be asked to do, and what the final objective is. You may add details and context so the workshop description is interesting. Remember you are competing with other workshops during your allotted session, so make your description exciting - one that participants will not want to miss. Be sure to include a title. Photo:You will be asked to upload a photo, and this will be used in the conference booklet. It should be a professional-looking headshot. If you do not wish to have your photo included, please upload a blank document.