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    Bulaeva 1 The Internet is the biggest evil of our time

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T he Internet is the biggest evil of our time

Some people claim that the Internet is the reason of many problems, while others argue that the Internet has only positive aspects. In this essay I will look upon this issue.

In my opinion, a lot of sides of the Internet are negative. To start with, people , who might have spent time with their family , talk on Snapchat or WhatsApp. In addition, a lot of teenagers do not know any life other than with iPads or iPhones. Finally, game rs who play cruel games become aggressive and depressed in real life.

However, some people think that everyone use the Internet without any control and be safe. Nowadays teens are physically safer than teens have ever been because they are in their bedrooms most of the time. B esides, people are able to commu nicate with each other easily.

I am afraid I cannot agree with anyone who claims that the Internet is a safe place. Teens can meet the criminals in the Net and communicate with them. N obody can be sure in the virt ual mates. Moreover, it is more pleasant to talk to people in real life and see their emotions.

In conclusion, there is a problem of the ‘Internet evil’. Taking into consideration different opinions on this issue, I believe that there are a lot of negative aspects of the Internet.

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