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    Comparison and cotrast essay

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Done by Kyzaibay Gulzat, group 210

Comparison and Contrast Essay

Nowadays the technology is the most important part of our l ife. It makes life more easy. Many people can not imagine their life without notebooks, netbooks, tablets, smart phones. The most productive of these are tablet and laptop. So what's different between the tablet and netbook? And it is very important to choose correct version which will have all the necessary functions. There will be compared and contrasted in convenience carry with you, the primary tasks of each of them.

Both tablet and laptop you can carry with yourself and it is very convenient. Nevertheless, laptop in size and weight more than tablet and need to buy a special bag. It is heavy. While the tablet is a compact laptop that has the size of a regular book, and placed in a briefcase or backpack.

However, to create and edit multiple files, send and receive e-mails, participate in dialogue on forums and social networks - buy a netbook! These tasks are best to cope Netbook. If you need computer on the road, read a lot of online books, watch videos, play games the best choice for you would be the tablet. Tablet equipped with modern high-quality displays that show the picture clear and bright, so as multimedia player it is the undisputed leader among mobile computers.

In conclusion, both laptop and tablet are very popular today. They make life better and easier. Help to work and study. Everyone makes a choice connection with their needs.