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Вопросы к зачету.

1 What jobs do you find dangerous? Why?

2 What jobs are prestigious and well paid? Why is it so?

3 What are you going to be? What is your dream job? Why?

4 Teacher should be Doctor must be Plumber shouldn’t be (Why?)

5 What traits of character the person of any profession has to possess?

6 Describe your appearance.

7 Describe your best friend’s appearance and character.

8 Describe a person which your teacher gave you.

9 Tell about your day-off.

10 Tell about your working day.

11 Name thee problems of modern teenagers. How could we solve them?

12 Why do people go in for sports nowadays? Is it useful?

13 What is your favorite kind of sport? Why?

14 What kinds of sport do you know? Which are the most popular? Why?

15 Why is it necessary to get a good education? Are you going to enter the Institute?