LESSON 12 VIRTUAL CAMPUS Point 1. SECTION “EDUCATION” This section is the main part of menu. It contains many subsections: my groups contents forums student lists tutor lists events. Point 1. SECTION “EDUCATION” “My group” contains information about study group, language group, physical training group, specialization group.
Subsection “My group” has a standard complex of instruments :The main information (content, events, chart, forum, tutors, students, guests)Properties (name, identifikator).
Point 1. SECTION “EDUCATION” Point 1. SECTION “EDUCATION” Content is study books.
They are electronics study books and additional materials.
Sign “i” is used to see material properties.
Tutor list is to see the names of them.
Sign “run” helps to download the content. Point 1. SECTION “EDUCATION” To open the content is used the application “Java RTE 2.5”.Events has a calendar of activities for the hole group and individuals.
Chart is a synchronous instrument to communicate with students and tutors connected to your group.
Point 1. SECTION “EDUCATION” Tutor list shows the names of tutors working in your group during the term. Student list shows all the students of your group. Guests may be other tutors or administration representatives.
Point 2. forum Forum is an asynchronous instrument.
It is a message bard.
It is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. They differ from chart rooms in that messages are not shown in real time.
To see new messages the forum page mast be reloaded. Point 2. forum Depending on the access level of a user or the forum setup a posted message might need to be approved by a moderator before it comes visible. Depending on the forum setup clients can be anonymous or have to register in the forum and then log in in order to post messages.
To read existing messages is usually not obligatory to log in.
Point 2. forum A single conversation in forum is a thread (topic). The most popular forum package is an php BB Internet forum software package. The structure of a forum may be hierarchical (tree-like), cascade one. Forums are consulting (active the whole term) and thematic (active only during some period).