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Science and Significant Scientific Discoveries Performed by Shcheglova Anna Introduction Science is important to most people living in the modern world for a number of reasons.
In particular, science is important for world peace and understanding, for understanding of technology, and for our understanding of the world. Science is important for world peace in many ways.
On the one hand, scientists have helped to develop many of the modern tools of war.
On the other hand, they have also helped to keep the peace through research, which has improved life for people.
Scientists have helped us understand the problem of supplying the world with enough energy; using energy of the sun and of the atom.
Scientists have also analysed the world's resources. Contents The history of science Research of scientists The procedure of research The branches of science: a) American version b) Russia version Physics a) general physics b) Radio physics c) Optics d) Photonics e) Space physics The history of science For thousands of years we have wrestled with the great questions of existence.
Who are we? What is the world made of? How did we get here? The quest to answer these is the story of science. This is the story of how history made science and how science made history, and how the ideas which emerged made the modern world.
Research of scientists Working of the world Biologists (structure of molecules, plants, animals) Geologists (structure and history of the earth) Astronomists (structure, composition, size and history of the universe) Chemists (interaction of different substances) Radiophysicists The procedure of research 1) To collect facts 2) To read literature 3) To observe the object of research 4)To develop theory 5) Examine the correctness 6) Publishing The branches of science American version Mathematics and logic sciences The physical sciences The life sciences The social sciences Russia version Physical and mathematical sciences Natural sciences Arts sciences Advantage and Disadvantage of science In agriculture scientist have developed better varieties of plants and highly effective fertilizers. Nuclear physicists have developed of nuclear energy as a source of power Technological achievements have created serious problems. Computerized information systems may destroy personal privacy. Industrial technology has resulted in such grave side effects as environmental pollution and fuel shortages.