LESSON 5 E-LEARNING Point 1. The internet structure The main stages of Internet development: ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency net) NFSNET (National Fond for Science net) NFSNET Backboon - INTERNET Internet is a global net. Point 1. The internet structure Structure: Internet consists of local nets. There are 3 categories of computers: Hosts (nodes) handle the client access. Servers provide information. Clients use information.
Point 1. The internet structure Every host or host group of Internet is served by some organization (provider).
Servers WEB (World Wide Web)- for work with WWWMail – for receiving and transmitting the mail FTP (file transfer protocol) – for file storage which are used for client download NNTP (network news transfer protocol) – for teleconferencing- and news service DNS (domain name system) – for converting the letter (domain) addresses into IP-addresses Point 2. The main principles of network No rules and limits to presentation of information Information interchange between all the computers No limits to computer type and OS No hierarchy between PC connected to the Internet Point 2. The main principles of network IP-addressing Every computer connected has its IP-address. IP-address is a group of numbers (dotted decimal or octat).
A dotted decimal is 1 byte of 32-bits address and cannot be more then 255. The 32-bits address has 2 parts: net number and host number.
Point 2. The main principles of network Dynamic address is an IP-address given automatic and used during limited time period. For example, Point 2. The main principles of network Domain addressing Domain address (URL – uniform resource locater) is a symbol (letter) group of domains with points.
There is a hierarchy.
The 1.st level domain is the last one.
It is an organization type or country.
The 2.nd level domain is often an organization activity character.
The 3.d level domain is a computer name (gov, mil, edu, com, org, net) Point 2. The main principles of network DNS is a method of address hierarchy construction in the net and a mechanism of getting an IP-address.
IP-address ↔ DNS ↔ URL85.156.231.62 http://www.vedu.ru