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Instructions and Symbol Key__________________________________________________________________Fabric:14 count Sk y Blue AidaSti tches:65 x 108S i z e:4. 64 x 7. 71 inc hes or 11.79 x 19.59 cmColours:D MC
Use 2s t rands of t hread f or cros s s titc hSymNo.Colour NameSymNo.Colour Name310Black 433C hoc olat e brown434C igar brown ECRUTECRUT5200B Bright white 3326Wildrose839 R oot brown 899Medium ros e838D ark wood 740Orange741Tangerine orange Use1 s trand of thread for bac k s tit c hD MC 310Black Frenc h Knot sD MC 310BlackThis chart has been designed and printed with our best intentions of being without mistakes. However, the possibility of humanerror, printing mistakes or the variation of individual stitching does exist, and we regret that we cannot be responsible for this.Produc ed using C ros s S tit c h Profes s ional for W indowswww.dps oft ware.c o. uk