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What is the most important thing in friendship ?Maybe the most important things are that friends need to share
common interests and be honest with each other. Friends are people we spend a lot of time with, so it definitely
helps if they enjoy doing the same activities or talking about topics as we do, and of course we need to able to trust
our friends, so honesty is vital for a good friendship. I think I would struggle to become friend with someone who
didn’t have anything in common with me, or who wasn’t reliable or trustworthy .
4. What makes friends hip break up ?In my opinion, misunderstanding can make friendship breakup. For example,
when I studied in university, one day, my roommate lost his watch. He thought I had taken it. At the moment, I was
very angry but I said nothing, and then I help him to look for the watch. Finally, we found it in his pocket. My
roommate apologised to me. I forgave him for his rudeness. So, I think trust is the most important thing between
friends .Do you have a lot of close friends? I have only one friend I would conf ide in . I’m quite picky and more
importantly, I have a somewhat irrational fear that none of my friends really like me and that I’m just a guy they can
barely tolerate and it is hard for me to live in harmony with them .Do you think friendship is important ?There is no
doubt that friendships play a vital role in our life. They make our lives interesting and wonderful. They help us
develop a sense of sharing whether they are tangible things or just inspirational or motivational words of
wisdom. Which do you prefer: to spend time with a friend or spend time alone ?It depends. Normally, I’m more of
a loner and generally spend more time in solitude than with friends. But when I’m in a bad mood, loneliness makes
me feel isolated from the whole world. On those da ys, I will hang out with my friends so that sad and unhappy
thoughts don’t come into my mind.
Vocabulary Phonetic Meaning
introvert /ˈɪntrəvəːt/ người hướng nội
fair -weather /fɛː ˈwɛðə/ haWKD đổi
enjoy each other's
/ɪnˈdʒɔɪ iːtʃ ʌðəz kʌmp(ə)ni/ thích dành thời gian với
shoulder to cry on /ˈʃəOG%W%NU^<%Q/ bờ vai để dựa vào

hit the rock -bottom
/hɪt ðə rɒkˈbɒtəm/

rơi vào khủng hoảng trầm
click /klɪk/ khớp nhau, hợp nhau
ups and downs /ʌps ənd daQ]/ thăng trầm