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Christmas Chamy the Elf
Design by Fatma Kusur
L ulubal

Copyright © Lulubal 2017 | Fatma Kusur | All rights reserved. This pattern is for personal use only. The
pattern or any pa rts of it may not be distributed or resold, translated, published, altered, shared or posted
in any way.


Dear amigurumi lover,

Thank you for purchasing my pattern. I hope you will enjoy making her.
You may sell any items you made from this pattern but please give credit to me as the designer.
I would love to see your finished doll so please do tag @lulubal_ on Instagram.
If you have any question never hesitate to contact me via e -mail or instagram.

Instagram: @lulubal_

I used fine cotton (SMC Catania Solids bySchachenmayr). Here are the number s that I ’ve used.
(A) 0115 (B) 0106 (C) 0105 (D) 0389 (E) 0392 (F) 0249

- yarn
- 2.50m crochet hook or what fits on your
finger and yarn
- One pair of 7 mm security eyes
- Stitch markers
- sewing needle
- Stuffing

ch= chain
MC= magic ring
Rnd= Round
sc= single crochet
st= stitch
slst= slip stitch
inc= increase
dec= decrease
blo= back loop only
flo= front loop only
dc= double crochet
hdc= half double crochet
(x,y)*= repeat stiches within brackets

This pattern is written using American terminology and is worked in continuous rounds. The
finished doll measures 29cm/11 inch es (with hat and boot s) approximately. Choosing a different
hook and yarn will change final size.


Don't forget to replace all markers as you go.
Stitch count is in( ) at the end of each round.
Work from the bottom of the feet to head.
Stuff your doll as you go.
Ready ? Let's begin!

THE ARMS You crochet in Color(C ) make two
Start with a magic ring
1.Rnd 6sc (6st )
2.R nd increase every stitch (12st )
3-6.(4 rnds) sc (12st )
7.Rnd (2sc,de c)*3 times (9st )
8-27.(20 rnds) sc (9st )
Lightly stuff the arms. Then flatten the arm and crochet bo th
opposing sides t ogether with 4 sc above round 27 .Break yarn
and fasten off your work.

THE DRES S You crochet in Color(D )

Chain 24 and close the chain to a circle with sc.
1.Rnd sc (24 st)
2.Rnd (5sc, inc)*4 times (28 st)


3.Rnd (6sc, inc)*4 times (32 st)
4.Rnd in blo (7sc, inc)*4 times (36 st)
5-7.(3Rnds) sc (36 st)
8.Rnd in blo (8sc, inc)*4 times (40 st)
9-11.(3Rnds) sc (40st)
12.Rnd in blo (9sc, inc)*4 times (44 st)
13.Rnd (10sc, inc)*4 times (48 st)
14.Rnd sc (48st)
15.Rnd (11sc, inc)*4 times (52 st)
16.Rnd in blo sc (52st)
17 -19.(3Rnds) sc (52st)
20.Rnd in blo (25sc, inc)*2 times (54st)
21.Rnd sc (54st)
22.Rnd (26sc, inc)*2 times (56st)
23.Rnd sc (56st)
24.Rnd in blo (27sc, inc)*2 times (58st)
25.Rnd (28sc, inc)*2 times (60st)
26.Rnd (29sc, inc)*2 times (62st)
27.Rnd (30sc, inc)*2 times (64st)

Skip 1 st, crochet 5 DC in the same stitch skip 1 st, sc. Repeat 16 times and cut the yarn and faten
Turn the dress upside do wn and crochet the ruffles all the rounds which is crocheted in blo with
the direction…
Start at the back. Sc, skip 1 st, crochet 5 hdc in the same stitch, skip 1 st repeat th entire round.
Before attach the drees onto the body sew the x -mas tree’s ornamen t with different color yarn.
The ruffles should be sewed onto the dress.


THE GOBLEN SHOE S You crochet in Color(A) (Make two)

Start with a magic ring
1.Rnd 4sc (4st)
2-3.(2Rnd s) 4sc (4st)
4.Rnd 2sc, 2hdc (4st)
5.Rnd 2sc, 2hdc (4st)
6.Rnd (sc, inc)*2 times (6st)
7-9.(3 Rnd s) 3sc,3hdc (6st)
10.Rnd (sc, inc)*3 times (9st)
11 -12.(2Rnds) 5hdc, 4sc (9st)
13.Rnd (2sc, inc)*3 times (12st)
14.Rnd (sc,inc)*6 times (18st)
15 -16.(2Rnds) sc (18st)


17. 9sc DON’T FINISH THE ROUND! Chain 8,skip 14 st and insert your hook 15th st. Now
we are going to crochet upper side of the shoe.
18 -19. (2Rnds) sc (12st)
Crochet 8 more sc to make the starting point at the back.
Change to color B.
Do not forget to change color in every rounds.
20.Rnd sc (only blo) (12st)
21 -44(24Rnds) sc (12st)
9.Rnd in BLO 9sc, dec, 2sc (12st )
10 -30.(21rnds) 12sc (12st )
Then flatten the leg and crochet both opposing sides together with 5 sc above round 44 .(as I
show in the pic.)
Now you are going to crochet heel of the shoe.
Before crochet the heel plea se stuff both the leg and the shoe firmly.
For heel….
1.Rnd Start somewhere else (I start in the middle of the sole ) crochet 24 sc. It is
important to crochet where I shown with a needle so you can prevent any gap.
2.Rnd (2sc, dec)*6 times (18st)
3.Rnd (sc, dec)*6 times (12st)
4.Rnd (dec)*6 times (6st)
Cut the yarn and fasten off. Close the gap by threading through all 6 stitches left, and pull it tight.
Then sew the toe of the shoe as I shown in the Picture on round 13.


THE BODY You crochet in Color( A)
Start with a magic ring
1.Rnd 6sc (6st)
2.Rnd increase every stitch (12st)
3.Rnd (sc, inc)*6 times (18st)
4.Rnd (2sc, inc)*6 times (24st)
5.Rnd (3sc , inc)*6 times (30 st)
6.Rnd (4sc, inc)*6 times (36st)
In this round you are going to join the legs(crochet both body and the legs at the same time)
7.Rnd Now you are going to join first leg. Crochet both the body and first leg
with (5sc ) inc . Your first leg is done. (5sc, inc)*2 times. Time to join second leg . Crochet both
the body and second leg with (5sc) inc so the second leg is joined. Then (5sc, inc)*2 times. (42 st)
After finish joining the legs, the body and legs should be s een as shown in the pic.


8-12.(5 rnds) sc (42 st)
You crochet in Color( C)
13.Rnd sc in blo (42st)
14 .Rnd (12 sc, dec)*3 times (39 st)
15 .Rnd (11 sc, dec)*3 times (36 st)
16 .Rnd (10 sc, dec)*3 times (33 st)
17 .Rnd (9sc, dec)*3 times (30 st)
18 -20 .(3R nd s) sc (30 st)
21 .Rnd (8sc, dec)*3 times (27 st)
22.Rnd sc (27st)
23.Rnd (7sc,dec) (24st)
24.Rnd sc (24st)
Now you are going to attach the dress .

25.Rnd Crochet both body and dress with 24 sc (24st)
26.Rnd (6sc, dec) *3 times (21st)
In this round you are going to join the arms.
27.Rnd 4sc, crochet bot h body and first arm with 4sc, 6 sc, join the second arm
with 4sc, 3 sc. (21 st)
28.Rnd (5sc, dec)*3 times (18 st)
29 .Rnd sc (18st )


30.Rnd (4sc, dec)*3 times (15st)
31.Rnd sc (15s t)
32 .Rnd increase every stitch (30 st)
33 .Rnd (sc, inc)*15 times (45 st)
34 .Rnd (4sc,inc)*9 times (54 st)
35 -41.(7 rnds) sc (54 st)
In this round,you are going to make cheeks
42 .Rnd 20s, 4dec, 8sc, 4dec, 10 sc (46 st)
43 -49.(7Rnds) sc (46 st)
50.Rnd (10sc, dec , 9sc, dec)*2 times (42st)
Place the safety eyes between round 43 and 44 leave 10 stitches between t hem. Also sew a nose
between 4 2 and 43 in the middle of eyes. Stuff the neck f irmly
51 .Rnd (5sc,dec )*6 times (36st )
52 .Rnd (4sc,dec)*6 times (30st)
53.Rnd (3sc,dec)*6 times (24st)
stuff the head ,push extra stuff into her cheeks
54 .Rnd (2sc,dec)*6 times (18st)
55 .Rnd (sc, dec)*6 times (12st)
56 .Rnd (dec)*6 times (6st)
Cut the yarn and fasten off.
THE HAIR You crochet in Color(E )


1.Rnd 6sc (6st)
2.Rnd increase every stitch (12st)
3.Rnd (sc, inc)*6 times (18st)
4.Rnd (2sc, inc)*6 times (24st)
5.Rnd (3sc, inc)*6 times (30 st)
6.Rnd (4sc, inc)*6 times (36st)
7.Rnd (5sc, inc)*6 times (42st)
8.Rnd (6sc, inc)*6 times (48st)
8-11.(4Rnds) HDC (48st)
Do not cut your ya rn. Let’s start making strands. Chain 36, skip 2 ch and crochet 34 hdc in to the
chain close with a slip stitch into the next stitch, make one slst and one sc. Now first strand is
finished.Repeat the procedure 24 times .

THE EARS You crochet in Color ( C) Make 2 . Start with a magic ring.
1.Rnd 4sc (4st)
2.Rnd inc, 4sc (5st)
3.Rnd inc, 5sc (6st)
4.Rnd inc, 4sc, inc (8st)
5.Rnd sc, inc, 6sc (9st)
6.Rnd sc, inc, 5sc, inc (10 st)
7.Rnd 2inc, 7sc (12 st)
Sew the ears sloping down round 45 -50 ,5sc behind the eyes.


THE STA RS You crochet in Color(F )
Start with a magic ring , sc chain 4, skip 1 st, one sc, 2 hdc into the chain ,(repeat 5 times) Break
the yarn and fasten off. Make 2 stars. Put them together back to back and crochet it together with
slst all the round around the stars .

Chain 6 crochet 5 sc into the chain , chain 8 crochet 7 sc into the chain and for the last strands
crochet 6 crochet 5 sc into the chain. Cut the yarn and fasten off leave long yarn to sew it.

Sew the fringes in the middle of the forehead.
Tie her hair as pony tail onto the head and sew the star on the pony tail.
Use blusher for your doll cheeks .


Your doll is ready. I hope that you had fun crocheting her.
Enjoy your Christmas Chamy the Elf !

I would love to see your doll. Please do tag @lulubal_ on instagram and share your picture by
using #lulubal and #chamyelf so I can see your work easily . Thank you in advance.