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A Hogwarts Story
Once there was a young named
. was a wizard!
(your name) (He/She)
One day, an owl came with a letter for .
(your name)
It said, “Please come to Hogwarts and learn magic.
You will need and a ,
(robes/spell books) (cauldron/wand)
and you may bring one pet. Your ticket for the
Hogwarts Express is enclosed.”
went to Diagon Alley and bought
(your name)
a . named
(color) (kind of animal) (He/She)
it .
(pet's name)
Then it was time to go to Hogwarts. On the
Hogwarts Express, got some wizard
(your name)
candy. There were chocolate frogs and pumpkin
pasties, and even Bertie Bott's every flavor beans.
The best flavor was . Yum!

At Hogwarts the Sorting Hat put in
(your name)
. Then it was time to learn
some magic! The teachers taught everyone how to
turn rats into teacups, make things float in the
air, and take care of magical animals.
's favorite class was ,
(your name) (Potions/Charms/Flying)
because .
(why is it the best class?)
and love
(your name) (your pet's name)
being at Hogwarts!
Draw a picture of your pet!