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Harry Potter Baby Activity Cube
Instructions for Side 1 – Hogwart’s Crest


Supplies Needed:

 Wonder Un der
 Black and Gold cotton fabric cut to 8”x8”
 Felt : Small pieces of maroon, green, blue, yellow and black
 Felt: 2 sheets of gold felt
 Embroidery Floss : gold, maroon, blue, green, yellow and black
 Toad patch
 Regular thread: green for toad
 Ribbon: 8 pieces of ribbon cut into 4” pieces.


Step 1: Print the free printable pattern . The shield is made from fusing two layers of gold felt
together that are then blanket stitched together around the edges. Before fusing the two
layers together , you will first need to “decorate” the top of the shield with the house colors .
To attach each c olor of the shield , use Wonder Under Fusible Web. The printable pattern is
designed to be used by laying the Wonder Under over it. Since the Wonder Under is see -
through, you will be able to transfer each of the pattern pieces onto the Wonder Under. After
tracing the patterns onto the Wonder Under, cut the new pattern p ieces out leaving at least a
½” around each piece.

Step 2: Press each Wonder Under pattern piece on to the corresponding felt color . I like to use
a pressing sheet which keeps my iron clean when using Wonder Under. Cut each piece out
along the pattern line.


Cut another Hogwart’s crest out of gold felt without using Wonder Under. This will be the
second layer of the shield. W e’ll call it shield piece 2.

Step 3: Peel the Wonder Under off each of the house color pieces and press them onto the
shield piece - on the opposite side of the Wonder Under . Look at the picture for placement.

Step 4: Hand stitch each piece down using a coordinating embroidery floss. I used a small
running stitch.

Step 5: Fuse the two pieces of shield tog ether - shield piece 2 will be on the bottom. Blanket
stitch the shield together using gold embroid ery floss.


Step 6: Machine stitch the top of the shield to 8”x8” square. Remember the 8”x8” square has a
¼” seam allowance included when positioning the shield.


Step 7: I ron the toad patch to the 8”x8” square underneath the shield. Hand stitch it down
using the green thread to make it extra secure.

Step 8: Add ribbon pieces along the sides of the square. I placed four pieces of
ribbon on each side, right sides together. Stitch the ribbon very well as they may
get a lot of wear from your little one.

The Hogwart’s Crest side of the cube is complete.