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Put the verbs in the Simple Past or in the Past Continuous.
When Harry Potter was very young, he (live) _______ with his uncle, his
aunt and his cousin. They (not / love) ______ him and he (not / be) ____ happy
in that house. One day , Harry (look) ______ out of the window when he (see)
______ an owl that (carry) ______ a letter in its beak. The letter (be) _____
from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardr%XW+DUU’s uncle (not / want)
______ him to become a wizard, so he (not / give) ______ him the letter. Many
other owls (come) ______ and they (bring) _______ hundreds of letters for
Harry, so his uncle (decide) ________ to go to a lonely island with his family.
That night on the island, while they (celebrate ) _______ HarrVHOHYHQWK
birthday, Rubeus Hagrid (appear) ______ and rescued him. Then Hagrid (take)
_____ Harry to Diagon Alley, where he (buy)
_____ an owl, a wand and his uniform.
Then, while Harry (travel) _______ on the train to
Hogwarts, he (meet) _____ his new friends Ron
and Hermione.

When they arrived at school, they (have) _____ a
big dinner. While they (have)____ dinner, The
Sorting Hat selected a house for each student.
Harry, Ron and Hermione (go) ____ to Gryffindor
House. They (be) ____ very happy to be