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Step 1:
Print out the pattern, cut out.
Tape together matching up the
tick marks. Fold material in half,
Align pattern on fold trace and
Step 2:
Mark where the holes are to be punched.
Punch holes. Punch top hole bigger than
the rest, but not too that the button stud
would slip out.
Purchasing Note:
Button studs, leather and hole punch can all be purchased at Tandy leather stores or online at
Step 4:
Align holes on side flaps and thread
bottom par t of button stud through
holes. Step 5: Pull bottom flap up last, thread
through and screw tight.
Step 6: Cut a small notch at the top for easy
clasping. Slide diapers and wipes in the
clutch and off you go!
Leather Vinyl or Fused Plastic
Button Stud
Hole Punch