Ink & Stitches - J.H. Winter - C2C Dogghan CAL 2020 part 17 To pee or not to pee - Boxer

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To Pee or Not to Pee
August 25, 202 0

Dogs and fire hydrants and the big question… to pee or not to pee?

While this Dogghan CAL posts will always be here for free on my blog, for convenience, I’ve also created one giant
PDF file for those who would like to purchase a copy of all the files together in one place. No searching through posts
necessary. Plus, it’s over there now, should you want to work ahead of the group rather than wait for each week’s new
square. You can purchase this pattern for a small fee here on Ravelry . It is also available on Etsy .
Make sure to post your finished squares/rectangles on social media:
I hope if you’re new to C2C croch et, that watching the YouTube videos for the first two squares, and working
alongside me, have helped you get this fun technique down pa t!

Chart: Color Key:

↓ Row 1: X
↑ Row 2: W2
↓ Row 3: L, W, X
↑ Row 4: W3, L
↓ Row 5: G, W3, X
↑ Row 6: L, W3, S, G
↓ Row 7: G, S, W2, K2, W
↑ Row 8: W2, K2, W2, S, G
↓ Row 9: G, S2, W, G, L, W3
↑ Row 10: X, W3, G2, W, S2, G
↓ Row 11: G, S2, W, G2, W5
↑ Row 12: X, W, L, W3, G2, S3, W
↓ Row 13: W, S3, G2, W3, L2, W, L
↑ Row 14: L4, G, W3, G2, S3, W
↓ Row 15: S4, G2, S3, G2, K4
↑ Row 16: K4, G3, S3, G, W, S4
↓ Ro w 17: S4, W, G, S3, G4, L3, R
↑ Row 18: R2, L2, G5, S3, W2, S4
↓ Row 19: S4, W2, S3, G6, L, E, R2
↑ Row 20: R2, E2, R, G6, S2, W2, S5
Corner (***To start the TALL RECTANGLE, begin with an increase to start Row 21, then Decrease at the END
of the ↓ Rows and Increase at the END of the ↑ Rows.***):
↓ Row 21: S5, W2, S2, G6, R2, E2, R

↑ Row 22: E2, R, E, G2, E, R, G3, S2, W2, S5
↓ Row 23: S5, W3, S, G4, E, R, E, R, E, R, E
↑ Row 24: R, E, R2, E, R, E, G4, S, W3, S5
↓ Row 25: S5, W3, S, G5, R, E, R, E3
↑ Row 26: E3, R, E, G6, S, W3, S5
↓ Row 27: B5, W3, S, G6, E, R, E, R, E
↑ Row 28: R2, E, R, G7, S, W2, B6
↓ Row 29: S3, W2, B2, W, S, G5, R, G, E, R2, E
↑ Row 30: R, E3, R2, G5, S, B2, W3, S3
↓ Row 31: S3, W4, B2, G, Y2, G3, E, R, E3
↑ Row 32 : E2, R, E, G4, Y3, B, W5, S3
↓ Row 33: S7, W, B, Y4, G3, R, E, R, E
↑ Row 34: R, E2, R, G3, Y4, W, S5, N3
↓ Row 35: N4, S4, X, Y5, G2, R, E, R, E
↑ Row 36: E, R2, G2, Y5, X2, S4, N4
↓ Row 37: N4, S3, X4, Y4, G2, R, E2
↑ Row 38: E, R, G3, Y4, X6, S, N4
↓ Row 39: Y, N3, S, X6, W, Y4, G, R, E, R
↑ Row 40: E, R, G2, Y3, W4, X4, S, N3, Y
Corner (Decrease at the end of each Row to finish the TALL RECTANGLE):
↓ Row 41: Y, N3, S, X, W, X2, W4, Y2, G3, R
↑ Row 42: E, R, G, Y3, W4, X, O, W, X, S, N2, Y
↓ Row 43: Y, N, S2, X, W, X, W5, Y3, R2
↑ Row 44: R, Y4, W4, X4, S2, Y
↓ Row 45: Y, S2, X3, W3, X, W, Y3, E

↑ Row 46: R, Y3, W, X3, W, X2, S2, Y
↓ Row 47: Y, S3, W, S, X2, W, Y4
↑ Row 48: Y4, W, X, Y, S4, Y
↓ Row 49: Y, S3, Y7
↑ Row 50: Y10
↓ Row 51: Y9
↑ Row 52: Y8
↓ Row 53: Y7
↑ Row 54: Y6
↓ Row 55: Y5
↑ Row 56: Y4
↓ Row 57: Y3
↑ Row 58: Y2
↓ Row 59: Y
If you have any questions or comments along the way, please leave them here. I’d love to keep in touch! And don’t
forget to follow the hashtag below and post pics of your own squares as you follow along: