Grammar Activity - Present Perfect

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Level: pre-intermediate
1. Once you have introduced the topic of the Present Perfect for visible results and
students are aware of how to build such sentences, you can use this activity.
2. Divide the students into pairs. Cut out a set of cards below and give it to each pair of
students. They have to take turns and answer the question written under each picture.
For example, if there is a frightened person in the picture and the question is “What’s
happened”, a student’s possible answer is: He is frightened because he has seen a ghost. /
He looks scared because he has just finished watching a horror film.
Tell the students to make up at least 3 sentences for each card.
3. While they are working, move around the class and take notes of their mistakes, and
once they’re done, you can do error correction. Do not forget to envolve the students into
correcting each other. Classroom activity: work in pairs
Language level: pre-intermediate
Time: 20-30 minutes
Target: speaking practice

written by Anastasia Pozhidaeva