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7.4 Short activities

7.4 Short activities
Balloon Debate
Focus: speaking and listening.

1. Outline of the game: This is a dramatic situation! 8 people are travelling in a hot
air balloon. The hot air ball oon is losing air very quickly. Everybody is in danger.
The pilot says that unless one person
jumps out in order to make the balloon
lighter, the balloon will crash and
everyone will be killed.
Each student must take on the identity
of a person in the balloon and make a
speech. After hearing all the speeches
the class decides on who should be the
first to jump, then the second, etc. (Or
if everyone in the class is playing, the
people in the balloon decide.)

2. First, decide on who the people in the balloon are. You can choose from the
following, or choose your own:

™ A group of famous living people – each student selects
someone, and outlines why they are needed in the world.

™ A group of professionals – each student selects a profession
and argues that it is the most important one in the world.

™ A group of subject teachers, e ach student selects a subject
outlining the importance of their subject to the world.

3. Each person has five minutes to prepare a short speech (if you wish, you can have a
word limit, suggestion: 150 words).

4. Listen to the speeches.

5. Vote!
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