CFP 2nd Webinar SISR July 13, 2020

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SISR 2020 Webinar Series
Call for Paper s

In the context of its 2020 Webinar Series , the Italian Society of Accounting History ( Società Italiana di
Storia della Ragioneria – SISR ) announces the Call for Papers of the 2 nd Seminar. We remind that the
Webinar Series aims to provide not only a place where it will be possible to present and discuss
research ideas and papers, but also a convenient way to stay in touch and fuel a lively d ebate.

2nd Webinar of the Italian Society of Accounting History
Save the date: July 13, 2020: 9.30 -11.45 AM (CE ST)

Submission of contributions
Those interested in presenting their own original contribution (even in a preliminary form) at the
Webinars are invited to submit their work sending an email to : webinars
Submissions may encompass a wide range of historical periods and draw on an array of
methodological and theoretica l approaches.
The Scientific Committee will evaluate all the submissions and subsequently schedule them in one of
the upcoming webinars.
A proposal must be submitted at least 15 days before the webinar in which it will be scheduled for the
presentation through the following website:
Contributions are to be submitted in English.
Presentations will last 20 minutes, followed by a 10 -minute discussion (by an appointed Discussa nt)
and a 10 -minute Q&A session.

Publishing opportunities
Contributions accepted for presentation will ha ve the opportunit to undergo a “ fast track ” reviewing
process for publication on "Accounting and Cultures", the official journal of the Italian Society of
Accounting History
The papers accepted for the publication will benefit from a free proofreading process.

Webinar Fees
The webinars will be free of charge.

Technical details
The webinars will run on Google Meet.
Upon acceptance (for the presenters) and/or registration (for the attendees), the Scientific Committee
will provide all the information and the technical details needed to access the w ebinars.

Scientific Committee
Valerio Antonelli , Federica Balluchi , Federico Barnabé , Andrea Bellucci , Davide Di Russo , Roberta
Fasiello , Enrico Deidda Gagliardo , Daniele Gervasio , Luca Ianni , Alessandro Lai , Simone Lazzini ,
Paola Orlandini , Antonella Paolini , Luisa Pulejo , Stefania Servalli .

Further details : www.
Contacts : webinars