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DAMAGED DURING STORM "It was feared part of the Ottoman Bookstore building would fall on Mrs. Wilma O?Donnell?s house. Repairs are now underway as a large part of the foundation of the store building was washed out of place earlier in the week during the heavy rain storm. A twenty-foot section of the brick cellar wall in front of the building caved in. Three of four of the large brick piers were pushed six inches out of place and the rear part of the store was leaning so much it was feared it would partially collapse. "DISCOVERY INJURES WORKER "A rkham, July 18 - A worker clearing a river town property was injured falling into a previously unknown cave system. Worker, Eddie Rollins of Downtown Arkham, was clearing debris and discovered the cavern network stretch under the Miskatonic River. Rollins broke his leg in his discovery, however Miskatonic University geology specialists have called his find ?remarkable? and intend to mount an expedition to explore and map the caves. "FLOWER SHOW SCHEDULE "The preliminary schedules of the 33rd Annual Exhibition of Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables to be held in Independence Square this fall, under the auspices of the Miskatonic county horticultural society are being sent out to prospective exhibitors and others interested in the show.WATCHMAN FOILS KIDNAPPER AFTER MCCARTHY BABY "D arien, Conn. July 18 - A second attempt at a possible kidnaping was frustrated here early this morning when Harry Sparks, a watchman employed to guard the 2 1/2-year-old son of Dr James S. McCarthy, informed police that he had been pounced on by an unknown assailant while sitting on the veranda. "Sparks told the authorities he easily shook off his attacker and fired a shot at him as he escaped in the darkness. Dr. McCarthy inherited $6,000,000 and a trust fund was established for his son from the will of his late mother. "HE CARRIED NO LIQUOR "A n automobile passed through Arkham last week with the following sign posted in large letters on the rear window: ?Don?t shoot! No Liquor in this car?. "D uring the past few weeks a number of people in various parts of the United States who have not been guilty of violating the Volstead Act, have been mistaken for bootleggers and have been shot and killed by overzealous federal prohibition agents. "Evidently the owner of the car with the sign feared that he might meet with a similar fate and he took precautions by placing the notice on his automobile. "TRAGEDY BEFALLS YOUNG SOCIALITE Last night the 24-year-old socialite and darling of Arkham, Carolyn Merrill, was found hanged at her Uptown home. Police are not treating the death as suspicious. It is apparent that for all her outward positivity Ms. Merrill harboured personal demons which we will never fully understand. She is survived by her long-time partner, Marc Gasquette the Canadian entrepreneur. ""INTERNATIONAL NEWS "KELLOG TREATY BINDS 2 NATIONS, STIMSON SAYS "W ashington, July 19 - Secretary Stimson has called to the attention of both the Soviet and Chinese governments the fact they are signatories of the Kellog anti-war treaty in connection with threats of war between the two countries. "AMERICA SWEEPS SINGLES MATCHES WITH GERMANY "B erlin, July 19 - Americans swept both of the opening singles matches in the interzone Davis Cup tennis finals with Germany. Frank Hunter defeated Daniel Prenn, German ace, after Bill Tilden had trounced Hans Moldenhauer in straight sets. "HUGE BOA ATTACKS NURSE AS CRIPPLES FLEE HOSPITAL "A story of a 10-foot, boa-constrictor, roaming at night in the cripple?s ward of the Civil Hospital at Guayaquti, Ecuador, was told by L. Lonnberg, vice president of the Grace Steamship Line. ?The huge snake literally wrought miracles,? he said. "?I first heard screams and went ashore to investigate. They killed the boa after it attacked a night nurse and scared dozens of patients out of their wits. Bedridden men climbed out of hospital windows and one fellow paralysed for two years, jumped eight feet below to the hospital patio.? """COOLIDGE EMBARGO ON ARMS TO MEXICO LIFTED BY HOOVER Washington, July 19 - President Hoover today issued a proclamation raising the embargo on shipment of arms and munitions to Mexico. The State Department pointed out that Mexico had recently successfully withstood another domestic insurrection and conditions no longer require an embargo. "BUSINESS OF THE TOWN "The Mayor and council of Arkham had one of their shortest meetings of the year on Monday night. The clerk was instructed to re-advertise for bids for an artesian well on the outskirts of town and these new plans are designed to bring about more competition. A resolution was also passed favouring a national government appropriation for the dredging and deepening of the Miskatonic River to the west of the Unvisited Isle. " A rkham A dvertiser ?Since 1832, Arkham?s finest newspaper?VOL. XCVI NO. 35 232 ARKHAM, MASS. FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 19 , 1929 TWO CENTS Thought for the day: "Theatre'is'a'series'of'insurmountable'obstacles'on'the'road'to'imminent'disaster.'WEATHER: "Heavy'rain'showers'with'mid'to'strong'Westerly'winds.'Temperatures'of'55 oF' 225 E. Pickman St. Arkham.Probably that accounts for the acceptance of Maloles service by so many Arkham families.Maloles? Funeral Parlou r POLICE HUNT BRUTAL MURDERER "A rkham, July 19 - In the early hours of the morning police were called to the scene of a fatal stabbing at the Arkham Trolley Co. The victim, who has been named as Francis Long of Downtown, Arkham, was killed on the sidewalk. Police have a witness to the crime and have released an initial statement to the press saying they are following up a number of leads and are organising a manhunt for the killer. "EDITORIAL: ARKHAM SLEEPWALKS TOWARDS TROUBLE "D ear Readers, "It is not often that the Advertiser has to make a direct plea to the lawmakers of our town to make a change, but I feel it is our moral obligation to make the growing voice of dissent heard. The current laws covering drug trafficking into our town need to be appraised and updated. "Take this new substance ?Nocturn?, not strictly illegal but it is certainly harming the moral fibre of our community as evidenced by the research of Dr. Orin. "W e urge the town council and Mayor to not allow Arkham to sleepwalk into the kind of social problems afflicting larger urban areas such as New York or Chicago.

MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY EXPEDITION TO VERMONT LEAVES MONDAY "Plans are entering their final stage for the summer expedition organised by the Miskatonic University Folklore department. Monday sees them leave for several weeks in Vermont collecting and recording the oral tradition of Pennacook Indian tribes indigenous to the Dark Mountain region. The expedition will be lead by Prof. Leonore Robinson. MISCELLANEOUS "Freaks of Lightning - A radio outfit owned by Winston Nolan of French Hill was smashed to smithereens by a bolt of lightning Wednesday night. Parts of the radio cabinet were sent flying about the room and other parts bulged and bent out of shape. All the radio tubes were blown out. A peculiar thing about this incident was that there was no mark to indicate where the bolt entered the house. "Swindler convicted - Willis T. Gridley, a New York lawyer, was convicted last week as a swindler, in taking a large amount of money from the alleged heirs of Arkham resident Anneke Jane Bogardus, in order to secure for them by court action possession of property in the Miskatonic Valley, owned by Mrs. Bogardus in1636. "H orse Killed by truck - Mrs. Robert B. Smith of Dunwich was injured and her horse ?Mainspring? was killed on Wednesday morning as the result of an accident on the state highway in front of Thomas S. Field?s farm 2 miles outside the city limits. Mrs. Smith was riding across the road then her horse was stuck by an automobile truck. The horse was knocked down and Mrs. Smith was thrown in the road, receiving a slight concussion of the brain and bad bruising. The horse, despite a leg broken in two places regained its footing and ran along the road on three legs for a considerable distance before a state trooper put the beast out of its misery. The horse valued at $4000 had been intended to exhibit in shows. "LAWRENCE ROGERS DEAD "Lawrene E. Rogers, a former resident of Arkham died at the summer home of his daughter, Mrs. Edward. R. McGlynn, at Kingsport Head last Thursday morning at the age of 73 years. He had suffered from heart disease for a year but the sickness was not deemed serious until three weeks before his death. "Mr. Roger?s youth was spent in Arkham. He was a schoolboy in the town?s old days when R. Van-Dyke Reid was the school master. Lawrence was generally known by his nickname of ?Speed? Rogers and was a particular talent at Baseball. "CHECKMATE THEATRE REVIEW "WITH AMBROSE CHECKLEY "The King Cometh! However I rather wish that the King hadn?t bothered to show up to the Arkham Manley Theatre last night. "O ne is almost lost for words for the drivel that the audience was forced to endure. The characters were poorly portrayed and the story made little sense, consisting of scenes where the actors would spout disconnected narrative that meandered towards a half-hearted finale. "The play left a nasty taste in the mouth, and your corespondent with a splitting headache. It is no wonder that I have learned that the management of the theatre has decided to prematurely end its run after just a single performance. "B etter luck with your next feature, Manley - you owe Arkham?s citizens a debt. ""TO THE EDITOR "Dear Sir, "It is not often I have cause to complain in such a public manner, but matters regarding the Arkham Sanitarium must be addressed immediately. The perception of the public, that we are a Victorian institution locking away maniacs, must be challenged. "The good work in mental health that goes on is all too often swept under the carpet with preconceived notions of straight-jacketed madmen, frothing at the mouth and doctors too quick to shock their patients instead of talking to them. I would say to all those with this view, move your opinions into the twentieth century! 
 Mr. L. Curtis, ArkhamVOL. XCVI NO. 34 560 ARKHAM, MASS. FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 19 , 1929 TWO CENTS James Brown?s Hardware Supplies ArkhamArkham, Mass.TRADES "Grace?s Ice Cream Emporium is reopened for the summer season. Try our new flavors. "Add some security in these uncertain times! Locks and fixtures made to measure - Creag?s Locksmith for all your needs. "Want that ideal and unique gift? Try Meredith?s Used Books for a variety of first editions. "Cheapest Sandwiches south of the River - Church Street Cafe. "ANNOUNCEMENTS "Manley Theatre announce a new production of ballet, The Sleeping Beauty, opening next Thursday night. "Ten-payment plan for suits $22.50 and up at Gleeson?s Department Store, upstairs. "Come out, everyone! Arkham and Miskatonic Valley Carnival - 17-21st August. Join in the celebrations. ""CAMPUS INFORMATION "Please note that due to the recent flooding incidents in Arkham, caused by the unseasonably heavy rainfa ll, events on at the Athletics track have been suspended. "Students returning early from the summer vacation are advised to report to Administration upon arrival. SEARCH FOR MISSING MINISTER CONTINUES WITHOUT SUCCESS "The First Presbyterian Church Minister, Father Jonas Murtaugh remains missing without a trace having vanished from his parish home last week. His residence was left in a perfect condition and a neighbour even discovered a kettle left on the stove to boil as if the Minister had just vanished completely. "A rkham PD currently are left stymied with little to go on. Father Murtaugh has been Minister at the First Presbyterian for four years now unbroken service and his absence is sorely felt by his congregation who are praying for his safe return. "