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    Стенограмма фраз педов. Проповедники

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  • Название: Разговоры педов. Проповедники

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Разговоры педов. Проповедники

Стенограмма фраз проповедника-негра в очках.
"You're all evil. You seem happy, but happiness id not from this world.
Happiness is from the devil. Happiness is for the weak.Only the chosen ones suffer."
"You're doomed, you're doomed, you're all doomed."
"I don't mine being a voice in the dark. Aha. I don't mine being a lone voice."
"Listen again, it's hell on Earth."
"I gave you all the chance."
"Those are the options. You've been warned, all of you have been warned."
"Look at me, when I am speaking to to you."
"You will live, waiting for the hell fire."
"Listen to me now. Hear me now."
"Listen to me or die. Look at me! Look at me! You're in hell. And it'll get worse, much worse."
"And the hell I put you in is not good, not good at all."
"Listen! All of you listen."
"The only way to be saved is by letting me personally punish you for a very, very,long time. Half an
"I agave you all the chance to be free."
"Your age of sin is over.Understand. It's over."(crazy/evil laugh)
"Your's life is of the sin."
"Hear my words people. Don't pretend that you didn't heard it, when the fires will lick at your feet."
"I am here to save. And how do you get saved? By getting hideously punished of course."
"Hey you, you, you, you!"
"I am bringing you the truth. I am bringing you a message of truth. And the truth is not good.
The truth is that you're living in a world of pain. And it's only get worse. Life is hell and that's a
good pity(or pit. Didn't understood well). The bad pity(pit) is that you gonna die. When you die,
you get exactly what you deserve. Don't pretend ot's gonna be a good time."
"And the beast...Whoooo...Is not good."
"The beast is the problema. You understand me. The beast is the problem."
"You've been warned alright?"
"The city here is hell on Earth."
"The message is important. it's not a year round offer, it's once in a life time deal. You got one
and one chance only. Follow me or you gonna die."
"You have a choice. You can be redeemed and punished or wait for the hell fire."
"It's either that or you all get into hell, covered in flames and scabies and all the others bad things."
"You're not gonna in hell, you're not gonna in hell, because you're living in it. Right now, Right here.
This is your punishment. Living here on Earth is your punishment. You can live with me in the
"Because if you die, you'll gonna get worse than here."
"You need a link. I am the link. Follow me, follow me to the farest(or fairy. Didn't understood clearly)

Разговоры педов. Проповедники
"I get you all the chance to live free."
"Repel everything you have done right now or suffer the consequences."
"If you've been bad, they unleash the beasts."
" You will live fr the hell fire. You can live waiting for the hellfire. You're gonna burn in the hellfire."
"If you've been good on Earth you'll get life. You'll get extinguished and forgotten about."
"The beast will ride you like a redneck rides a farm animal."
Sometimes between the monologues he says:
"You'll be cast out into the flames for the eternity."
And another sentence, but I didn't understood it. It ends with the word "forgiveness."
The only word that I understood in his sentence.

Фразы второго проповедника.
"I have been to the other side. I have been there and it's incredible.They have flying elephants.
They have men made out of chocolate. They have pizzas as big as the city. They have a prize for the
person with the biggest heart, not the biggest wallet"
"There is a voice. I heard this voice. I heard it when I was flying. The voice was like my voice, except
it said
strange words. And the words beautiful, really beautiful. It's physics that's all. That's physics.
Biology doesn't exist, it's a lie. Or a probability wave in space. Ride the wave, you hear me, ride the
Or you will end up in darkness. I have been there, it's not nice, it's not love. You want love don't you,
love me."
"Freedom is a lie."
"The television is a lie, the government is a lie. They want to kill you."
"They put robots in the drinking water. They put spies in the toilet to watch you."
"They want to harvest your dead body and turn it into cheese. I have been to the factory."
"With your dull little eyes, with your plast(?) box houses, and your mortgages, and your health
and your therapists. It's all lies. You are building your own hell."
"I have been to the other side. They want you dead. You think you know the answers?
They put their stuff into the air. This stuff makes you think those thoughts."
"Come on. All of you, come on. It's not too late. You can be saved. The world is not the way it seems.
You are tiny rays of light. Don't be rays of darkness. Be a vision of truth. Be like a lion, loving it's
Don't be a dog, humping society's leg. Which are you: a lion or a dog? I know which I ma gonna be.
I have taken the drugs. I am a lion, not a dog. I am not and you can make it be."
"Don't be a walking lie, be a person of love."
"They use drugs to control you, They did it to me for a long time."
"You are not free, you are slaves."
"You need love. I need you, you need me. I love you. Love me back."

Разговоры педов. Проповедники
"Hey, Hey, Hey. I am speaking to you. I am talking to you."
"It's not real man."
"You are being harvested by a marketing machine."
"You call me crazy, You are the crazy ones. You, who hate. I hate only lies."
"You, who don't love themselves. You, who live in shame. You should be ashamed of yourselves."
"Hey. Are you listening to me? Are you listening to me?"
"I love you, that makes me crazy."
"You are capable of love. Love me, please. Somebody love me."
"You think it's a joke, but the joke is on you. They're killing you."
"It's a lie. It's all lies."
"Hey, hey, you. You gotta listen to me."
Sometimes, between the monologues, he says:
"Stop messing with my head okay?"
"Why don't you suck my Sero Bello?"