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    Стенограмма фраз педов. Хиппи

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  • Название: Разговоры педов. Хиппи

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Разговоры педов. Хиппи
Хиппи в пустыне…

"Be one with the universe"
"The spirits are watching us"
"Most intriguing!"
"you do not understand"
"I will live with my right"
"They must take care of mother ????"
"Interesting to meet you!"
"I come in peace"
"I am glad to meet you"
"very interesting"
"primitive but effective"
"is this mating"
"a small essence of the Truth"
""Is this mating?"
"Excuuse me!"
"Thank you!"
"Do that again!"
"Rub against me again!"
"I belief this is how you fight"
"I do not wish to engage in violence"