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    Стенограмма фраз педов. Пилот

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  • Название: Разговоры педов. Пилот

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Разговоры педов. Пилот

Почитав его фразы, становится понятно, что он свингер…
""Humping my wife will relax you"
"My wife goes both ways, not me"
"You look familiar. Swing club maybe?"
"I am not interested pal"
"Save the touchings for the orgy"
"Swing club maybe"
"They(?) go hit that wife swap party now!"(repeats in the audio file)
"I've sprayed my scrotum"
"Hump my wife"
"Slow down horn dog!"
"Ah! I've sprayed my scrotum"
"Respect the runway jackass!"
"Stay on the runway Bozo!"
"That thing was flying"
"Big black gun gonna bust!"
"Take my wife, just don't shoot!"

Разговоры педов. Пилот
"This ain't the gangbanging I like!"
"Let me keep the money"
"This money is for the Wife's swap party"
"I am a swinger, not a fighter"
"Let settle this with sex"
"That hurt!"
"Why I am hurt(?)?"
"That big black stud(?) just hit me!"
"Let's oil wrestle instead!"
"Orgasm!Cousin of death!"
"Rich red blood spurting and spilling"
"Did you orgasmed before death came?"