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    Стенограмма фраз педов. Шляпа

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  • Название: Разговоры педов. Шляпа или Плащ

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Разговоры педов. Шляпа или Плащ

Стенограмма фраз еще одного интересного педа — мистера Шляпы (хотя это название ошибочное,
везде его называют Плащ).
"You're not probin' me again!"
"You know they know!"
"They're all around us!"
"They're watchin' us!"
"They know!"
"Gotta keep movin'..."
"Who are you?!"
"He's one of THEM!!!"
"You can't steal my mind!"
"Green blooded abomination!"
"Act like nothing happened..."
"I know things..."
"Get away from me!"
"Don't touch ME!"
"I'm watchin you man..."
"Can't let them take me again!"
"Back off now!"
"In my head!!!"
"Alien are talking to me on my car radio"
"For earth, man!"
"Is on of them" (probably means CJ)
"They drink sho...(didn't understood the whole word) in plants"
"Well, they can drink the alcohol"
"So one shaped of a dog ones"
"Then I woke ip six months later"
"We all gotta keep moving!"
"Get a move on!"
"What's you're waiting for?!"
"Who's the problem"
"Everyone! Scatter!"
"They are up there watching"
"Get away from me!"
"Don't touch me!"
"I am watching you man"
"They're watching us"
"They know!"
"You know they now!"

Разговоры педов. Шляпа или Плащ
"Act like nothing happened"
"Who are you?"
"Back off now!"
"I know things"
"Headaches, voices, urges"
"Gotta keep moving"(repeats in the video)
"Kay,let them take me again"
"In my head"
"They're all around us"
"Oh sure! Well they look human"
"Well than live in ignorance man!"
"You'll wish you listened to me"
"Fine! Will be one of the cattle"
"Oh no! Not again!"
"Crazy maniac!"
"He's one of them"
"Oh you prick!"
"Oh they found me!"
"What happened?"
"My brain!"
"Missie, help!"
"Why me?"
"They tried to kill me"
"I had already seen this!"
"You missed!Ha!"
"Oh crap!"
"You're not probing me again!"
"You can't steal my mind!"
"He's one of them!"( repeats several times trough the video)
"For Earth man!"
"Green blooded abomination!"
"Oh God no!"
"Oh no! Not my ass!"
"I won't let you do it!"
"Please God!"
"Abducted again!"
"Get off my anus!"
"Not again!"
"I can't leave this car!"
"But they'll get me!"
"Take me with ya!"
"You don't know what you've done!"
"It's the voices!"
"You don't know the truth of it!"
"They're looking for that car!"
"This is my car!I need this car back!"
"I need this car"
"You don't know what you're doing!"
"For your own good man!"

Разговоры педов. Шляпа или Плащ
"Alien scum!"
"Lizard added(?) impostor!"
"It's not attitude"
"Leach(?) to their own"
"Whatever friend"
"Just watch the skies"
"Your loss"
"That's terrible"
"Don't leave me in the open!"
"You can't do this!"
"Fight the voices friend!"
"Get your hand off me man!"
"Always thought so"
"It sucks"
"I like it"
"Yea, of course"
"Oh yeah!"
"Not since I have this thing in my head"
"Keep away from me!"
"Howdy!"(repeats in the video)
"Excuse me lady!"
"Hi there!"(repeats in the video)
"Save your children"
"Never leave your car"
"Bye now!"(repeats in the video)
"Watch the skies!"
"Watch your back buddy"
"You've seen the light above the desert?"
"Ever woken up days later?"
"Do you get voices?
"Have you ever seen one of them?"
"You've ever seen a visitor?"
"It's a shame that we all shall end in ignorance?"
"We were all so preoccupied"
"It never goes away"
"Not long, before the whole world wakes up"
"The day is coming man"
"So in the title( or tidal)(?) turn"
"What year is this?"
"How long I've been gone?"
"I am back"
"Check'em for implants!"
"The aliens are coming!"
"They might be dead"
"Where's the aluminum foil?"
"All this crap is to distract us"
"We need any of this stuff? It'a all junk"
"You're waisting your life"
"Call this a job?"
"You're serving the gray government"
"Keep the change"

Разговоры педов. Шляпа или Плащ
"Just keep driving"
"They're everywhere!"
"Drive!Why I don't care where"
"Are you a messenger?"
"I knew you find me!"
"I am not coming back"
"Just let me go man"
"Come on man"