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    The devil wears prada

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Предпросмотр документа

1) Movie Comprehension Questions:
a) Where does the story take place?
b) What’s the name of the magazine where Andrea Sachs work?_______________
c) Who’s the editor in chief of the magazine?______________________________
d) What kind of magazine is it?_________________________________________
e) Does Andy have any sense of style or fashion at the beginning of the story?
f) Does Andy have to wear high heeled-shoes? How tall are they?
g) What kind of routine do people have in Runway?
h) How many children does Miranda have? ____________________________
i) How does Miranda treat her assistants? ______________________________
j) Who has a special participation in the story? __________________________
k) Which adjective do people in the magazine use to define the tall and thin girls?
l) Who says this? “Fashion is not about utility”? __________________________
m) What book does Miranda want Andy to get for her children? What’s the
problem with it? _________________________________________________
n) What’s the coolest event of the year for Miranda and her magazine?
o) Does Miranda force Andy to go Paris? ________________________________
p) How does Emily react? ____________________________________________

q) Does Andy change only her appearance during the
story? What are the consequences of her attitudes?
r) Does Andy feel happy and realized in the end of
the story?_______________________________
s) What’s more important in our society: human values and relations or material
success and glamour? _____________________________________________

2) Vocabulary questions:
What do these words and expressions mean?
a) Jerk

( ) in danger.

b) To be for the chop (informal)

( ) very ugly/ unpleasant.

c) Hideous

( ) very attractive.

d) To be appalled


) I’ll be very careful.

e) Couture

( ) to complain in an annoying, crying voice.

f) Whine

( ) who often says or does the wrong thing.

g) Rat race

( ) making new discoveries.

h) “You’re very fetching”


) to be likely to be dismissed.

i) “I’ll guard it with my life”


) to be/ feel horrified

j) “My personal life is hanging by a thread” ( ) the design and production of
k) Groundbreaking.

expensive and fashionable clothes.
( ) a very aggressive competition.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
Starring Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci
based on Lauren Weisberger's book "The Devil Wears Prada," inspired by her
experience as an assistant to Vogue editor Anna Wintour

Reel Face:

Real Face:
Meryl Streep
June 22, 1949
New Jersey, USA

Anne Hathaway
November 12, 1982
New York, USA

Taken from Google images.

Anna Wintour
Born: November 3,
England, UK

Lauren Weisberger
Born: March 28, 1977
Pennsylvania, USA