The mermaid by Julie Hodgson

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The mermaid
She sat on the rock in the middle of the bay waiting for the tide to come in so she could swim home deep into the ocean. Amalie had not meant to swim so far out and felt rather silly that she had got stranded. Luckily there were no beach walkers near the bay so no one could see her sitting on the rock. It was always a strange view when the water had gone, all the boats just sat there on the wet sand waiting for the tide to turn.
Amalie saw a small child in the distance trudging through the wet sand. “Oh no,” she thought, “he will see me” But to her amazement, the little boy just said hello when he got to the rock she was sat on. The boy's name was Lucas, and he was 7 years old and had got lost while playing and searching for treasure. Amalie and Lucas sat chatting for a while until she noticed that the tide was rapidly coming in. The poor boy looked frightened and said that his mum would be worried about him being out of sight and was surely looking for him this minute.
Amalie explained that they would wait until the tide came in and she would give him a lift on her tail as fast as she could swim and place him near the pebbles at the edge of the shore. There no one could see her, and she could swim home in safety.
When the tide was high enough, she scooped him off the rock and placed him on her tail and swam with all her might back to the shore and placed the boy gently on the sand. To Amalie’s surprise, the boy kissed Amalie on the top of her forehead and waved good bye.
“Thank you for my adventure,” he said
Within seconds she was gone, and his parents came running up, hugged him tightly and told him it was not safe to go wandering alone without telling anyone.
Lucas just smiled to himself and thought... “Shall I tell them?” “NO” he decided, they wouldn’t believe him anyway now, would they?