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    Project Concept Form

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This form should be submittedpriorto putting forward a full Project Proposal.The Post may accept or reject Project Concepts.When the Post agreestoaConcept, and invites implementers to put forward a full Project Proposal, it isnot a guaranteethat the full Project Proposalwill be approved for funding.It signals the Post’s interest in receiving more details about the proposed project.Before youcomplete this form, check the website of the British Embassy/Consulate General in the country in which you are proposing to workto find out about programme goalsapplicablethere.

Project Title


This must be NO MORE than one sentence.

Lead Implementing Organisation

Name(s) of lead organisational contact(s); Address; Telephone Number(s); Email(s); Website

Other ImplementingOrganisation(s)

Name(s) of other organisational contact(s); Address(es); Telephone Number(s); Email(s); Website(s)

To which International Programme goal will this project contribute the most?

Chooseoneof the following:

• Sustaining links betweenUK and Russian peoples on a wide range of subjects, promoting collaboration and fostering mutual respect.

• Championing democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

• Addressing global and local challenges through policy dialogue and exchange of expertise.

• Increasing opportunities for doing business.

To what other International Programme goals will the project contribute?

Indicate if any of the other goals listed above will be advanced by the project.

What change will this project deliver?

In no more than 200 words, explain why this project is important and describe its anticipated long-term impact.

How will the project deliver this change?

In no more than 200 words, outline the strategy/approach of the project and describe the key activities and outputs (on an annual basis if pitching a multi-year project).


Provide brief details of any serious risks to the success of the project and how these will be mitigated.

Cost per fiscal year (FY) (April – March)

What is theTOTALcost of theProject and in what currency?

Please note:

  • The project does not need to be multi-year.

  • VATshould not be added to the cost of implementing project activities.

  • In all but exceptional cases, project funds are paid quarterly, in arrears.

  • Payment will be madein the currency of your organisation’s bank account.

Co-funder(s)(if applicable):

Co-funding(if applicable):

Cost to the FCO




(if applicable)


(if applicable)

All years


Please note:

  • To allow sufficient time for contracting, project activities should not commence before 1 May 2020.

  • To allow sufficient time for end-of-year reports, project activities should end by 8 March.

Planned start date:

Planned completion date:


Post Comments

Include which fund or business plan objective this project will help deliver.

Should this Concept now be worked into a Full Proposal?

For either Yes or No please provide a rationale.