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    My Victory

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May I suggest the title that will set the theme and focus for the subsequent discussion?

My victory

The immortal victory of the Russian people in the Great Patriotic War should set an example, be a guide and a lodestar for us – the descendants and heirs of heroes who devoted their lives and works to make Russia into what it is today.

We now proudly fight for the revival of our great powerful Homeland. The struggle is no different today and should be lead with a wide frontier, pointing in all directions, as it is not clear which way will lead to our ultimate Victory and also because by doing so, we shall find more supporters and followers of our grand cause.

I stand and fight and indeed will fight for the revival of the Russian Orthodox Monarchy and the Russian Empire because I am the great-grandson of Russian Tsar Nicholas II. And the further we advance in our movement, the more supporters and followers we get.

Only in the mature age that I am in now, I have fully understood the importance of my origin and my duty. I have made many mistakes in my life. I am at fault for mistaking friends for foes and vice versa in the past, but this has crafted me into the person that I am today and these revelations made me fully focus on my priorities. For instance, I was an active member of All-Union Pioneer Organization, and then of Komsomol, and of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and later on of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Life has put everything into perspective.

In 2004 I finally developed the “United Peoples Front Programme” manifesto whose aim was and is to unite all protest forces: system- and anti-system opposition and all the people of Russia. Whilst I consider Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev to be the patriots, the proponents of a strong state and even monarchists, their personal efforts and contributions to greater society are insufficient.

I wrote to Vladimir Putin that one should expect there to be two main forces at the upcoming presidential election: The Russian Peoples’ Front and the United Peoples Front. With gods will and the consent of the Russian People, the elected candidate will become the President for life and Tsar of the Russian Federation. I indeed hope to become the main candidate for this presidential election, representing the “United Peoples’ Front” as I am trained in the political and leadership field whilst also being the great-grandson of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. I already have established strong connections with Cossacks, Nationalists, anti-system opposition (Solidarnost, YABLOKO and Patriots of Russia) and system opposition (A Just Russia and the Liberal Democratic Party). I have introduced and suggested the idea of the “Peoples tsar” to the Communist Party, but to no avail. I hence came to the conclusion that the “United Peoples’ Front” may only join the Communist Party if they commit to the revival of the Russian Orthodox Monarchy in the future.

No doubt, we have to be realistic and understand that is too early to actively discuss the Revival of the Russian Orthodox Monarchy. I therefore swear an oath that states that I will aspire to design a Socially Orientated Democratic Capitalist Government that will dwell on the greatest achievements of Imperial Russia, Soviet Russia and Contemporary Russia. The Revival of the Monarchy in Russia will only be possible with Gods will and the consent of the Russian People.

I know the important questions of Russian internal and external politics because naturally, I am a Russian Patriot and the future President of Russia. I hope that this vision of a better Russia will come soon and that Vladimir Putin will become the head of the Russian Government, and Dmitry Medvedev will become the head of the Federation Council.

Of course, I have my own view on the crisis in Ukraine. I do support the Crimean Referendum that will let the habitants of Crimea decide their fate ahead. I have no doubts - the Crimeans will vote to join Russia. Fraternal peoples of Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia must unite. It is only a question of time as to when and in what form that positive change will occur. I stand for the Unity of Ukraine. I am convinced that only a powerful and prosperous Ukraine will be able to be a faithful, long term partner to Russia. In order to be so we must take into consideration the fundamental interests of Ukraine: Ukraine must be united, what’s more, the Eastern Ukraine should be a Customs Union member, the Western Ukraine a European Economic Community member and Ukraine as a whole, an integral member of the Eurasian Economic Union. If I were the Ukranian President, I would be able to achieve this. I have presented this vision to the Ukrainians, Russian Nationalists and the leading embassies and consulates.

I was recently elected to the Trade Union ranks within the 43rd department of the joint-stock company Techpribor where I currently work as the technician of radio-electric equipment. As a whole, I am a highly educated person with two higher technical degrees and a subsequent 40 years worth of experience within the Military-Industrial complex, but as of now I am a worker. My first call of duty was to collect the requirements of people employed by Techpribor. This was a pressing need because many employees ceased to be members of Trade Union because of it's passive position. The demands of my fellow employees are straightforward and nothing short of natural but these demands would result in large financial expenditures, expenditures my company cannot afford at this point in time. This is due to the fact that Techpribor is currently in a bad financial state, but I hope that now and in the upcoming years, I will be able to help my company out.

As we speak, numerous DNA-tests are conducted in Moscow to establish my origin and that of my uncle - Iosif Gdalevich Barbas. He is the grandson of Tsar Nicholas II and lives in Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk. I have little doubt that the DNA test results will confirm our claims to be true and that I will be recognized the heir of Nicholas II in due time. Due to the fact that my uncle has reached the fruitful age of 90, I do hope that Russian Banks will mutually agree to lend considerable funds to my company Techpribor on the security of the future inheritance that I intend to direct towards the economical development and modernization of Russia, the Ukraine and Belorussia.

This year is the year of the Olympic Games and the Paralympics. Our sportsmen will put on display the courage, willpower and ultimately their hunger for success. With their actions they will remind us that the great victory of the Russian people in the Great Patriotic War lives on to this day. I do hope that I can show that Victory, ultimately, is our final destination and to me, personally, is my lodestar to success.

Alexander Barbas