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The open letter to USA President Trump

Mr. President!

I want to tell you about me and ask you and the World Community to defend

my Humanity Rights. My Humanity Rights are infringed by Russian Power

similar as humanity rights of opposition are constantly infringed in Russia.

There is a legend in our family that Maria – the daughter of Russian Tsar Nikolay-II wasn’t shot by communists in 1917. She was hidden with another name in a nobiliary Migalovsky-Lavrov’s family. She grew up, married and became the mother of my father and his eldest brother. Now they died yet and I’m the only heir, grand-grand-son of Nikolay-II. I believe that the best form of State system for Russia is the Orthodox

Russian Empire and for its revival I want to be the President and then the Tsar of


From 2004 I’m working at creating the United People Front ( UPF ) that unites all protest forces – the System and Non System Opposition and Patriotic Part of acting Power. UPF must suggest the Only Candidate for President of Russia. Due to right of creating UPF and as the grand-grand-son of Nikolay-II I believe to be this Candidate. Then I must by my affairs deserve the confidence of People, become the President, the life President and the Tsar of Russia if it will be the God’s Will and the Will of Russian People.

I developed and spread the Project of Program of UPF and call for the support to all parties, social and political leaders. It’s a pity, but I didn’t receive the answers or it was the answer under essence of the question. It’s obvious that first of all my friends and companions are in need of the official acknowledgement me as the grand-grand-son and the heir of Tsar of Russia Nikolay-II.

I wrote to Patriarchs Aleksy and Kirill, to Presidents Putin and Medvedev, to other official leaders. I didn’t receive any support but two years ago the Power and the

Church began the repeated DNA examination of remains of Nikolay’s-II family. The

Results of this examination are kept silent now. And this is the infringement of my

Humanity Rights because I’m not doubt that the examination proves also my origin. There are some reasons to keep silent the results of the examination:

  • I was a member of Communist Party of Soviet Union and then a member of Communist Party of Russian Federation. And although I was disappointed in

  • Communist ideas and believe them being Utopia and harmful – but some doubts remain. ( Contrasting of Classes is madness – it’s the contrasting of head –

    Businessmen against hands – workers and employees. ) I’m supporter of Social-

    Democratic ideas and call for social justice.

  • From 2004 I’m working at creating the United People Front that unites all protest forces. And although I’m agree with many questions of external and internal

  • politics of Putin, I believe that’s necessary many essential changes of external and

    internal politics of Russia. I believe that Putin is a Patriot and a State leader and even a monarchist. I hope to become the President-Tsar and to fulfilled the soft

    political conversion I see Putin as the future Prime Minister, Medvedev as the Chapter of Soviet of Federation. I see Matvienko as a Diplomat.

  • In Romania in my business trip in 1989-1993, I had sex with minor Tania – the

  • daughter of my wife Tonia from her first marriage. It wasn’t simple curiosity but the

    true love. And in 19 years old Tania gave birth to our daughter Sonia. Now she is

    19. I many times suggested Tania to be my wife and to adopt Sonia. But Tania is

    Married and she don’t want to destroy my marriage with Tonia. And Tania’s husband believes that Sonia is his native daughter. I see the going out this situation

    is the simultaneous marriage with Tania and with Tonia. It will be possible if the Power accepts the suggestion of Moscow Mufty to adopt polygamy in Russia. I

    dream of that Tania will give birth our son – the heir, the future Tsar of Russia.

  • I never and from nobody hid that I believed our family legend and that I was the

  • grand-grand-son and the heir of Nikolay-II. Tonia believes that it’s my invention

    and, when I told her that I falled in love with Tania, she directed me to psychiatry

    treatment in 1994. Since than I, a healthy man, am under psychiatry registration.

    So the Power has weighty reasons to hide the results of DNA examination of

    Romanov’s remains and not to recognize me as grand-grand-son and the heir

    of Nikolay-II.

    In spite of all this I was trying to take part in President Election in 2018 as an Independent Candidate. But I didn’t find the necessary financial and political support.

    Now I’m preparing myself for President Election in 2024.

    Today I see two directions for my work on the nearest days:

  • 1. It’s necessary to find the financial capital for creating UPF and for taking part in

  • President Election. I can’t find any Sponsors yet. But 1,5 years ago a notary

    from Benin informed me that I’m a heir of $10,500,000. I believe that there are

    Tsar’s money – the inheritance from my died uncle – the grand-son of Nikolay-II.

    The notary helped me to legalize the necessary documents and to start the

    transaction my inheritance from Bank of Africa to Alfa Bank in Sankt-Petersburg.

    Unfortunately the transaction was stopped by Financial Department of Turkish

    that demanded $30,000 for the check-up of legal the transaction. I don’t have

    $30,000 and I try to find the money now.

    2. I handle with this letter not only to you Mr. President but publish it in Facebook

    and in Kontact to ask the World Community to defend my Humanity Rights.

    For what aim there is necessary to defend my Humanity Rights?

    Mr. President ! We believe God. I believe that God created the Mankind that it brings the God’s Word from our Earth to different Planets of Universe. For the success of this Mission we have to do our Earth as the Example for the other Planets.

    There are many problems on the Earth: wars, poverty, starvation; political,

    economical, social inequality. To solve these problems it’s necessary the

    developed and realized by U.N.O. complex Plan of reforms and development

    of all Countries of the World. The locomotives for realization of this Plan have

    to be USA – the most power country of the World and Russia – the pantry of

    the World. It’s necessary the reliable, solid alliance of USA and Russia. The

    reality is unfortunately different. USA has two main rivals – China and Russia,

    that actively collaborate now. I call for collaboration Russia with China now.

    But the China government may be changed and then it may arise the treat

    for Russian Siberia and Far East.

    I want to remember you Mr. President about Rusvelt’s politics. He helped

    Russia in 30-th years of 20-th century to prove Industrialization and to prepare

    for the war with Germany. And this help was useful for USA too. It helped USA

    overcome the World Economical Crisis. I hope to become the Russian

    President-Tsar and to restore the Economic of Russia with the help of USA.

    This policy will allow USA essential strengthen its Economy too and guarantee

    the peace.

    Mr. President!

    I hope for your help.

    Sincerely yours

    Aleksandr Barbas


    199406, Russia, Sankt-Petersburg,

    str. Beringa, 16-76