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Visa regulations should be relaxed for overseas students. Do you agree or disagree?
Without any doubts, it is no secret that number of students who are interested in getting educational degree in foreign countries has grown over the past years. Having decided to attempt to apply to university which is not located in the place of students’ own residence, they ought to be ready to face a good deal of challenging obstacles. Admittedly, getting a visa, which is one of the first steps students are supposed to take in order to target an aim, might be considered as a frustrating process that also takes too much time and patience. Due to this, one idea related to visa regulations, which is becoming quite popular nowadays, is about making it less strict for people who are willing to get educated in spite of different geolocations. In the meantime, some individuals do not support this idea claiming that way to get to live abroad legally is to be same for everyone whatever the reasons are. This topic has become such a vital case and equally tough one to seek a solution. Opinions always do differ, nevertheless we are to search for the fairest one.
Supporters of the named idea may argue that students’ main purpose is studying and researching. They do not seem as human beings with unpleasant or violent intentions who might be cause of troubles or/and who are able to put someone in danger. Moreover, gaining one degree may last only four years, exchange programs take even less time which means that majority of people going to learn do not have a goal to move or leave their own country to permanently stay in another. In addition, welcoming overseas students make universities more widespread and these educational institutions only benefit from it.
However, there are some drawbacks we must take into account. The most importantly, even if we admit the fact that students are not as dangerous yet it does not mean that they would not manage to get into trouble themselves. They may easily get involved in various illegal actions and/or develop debts they are not able to pay back. Visa requirements assist to prevent these and other kinds of hardships scholars from overseas might have to go through.
Finally, thinking of all pros and cons leads us to conclude that there is no need in relaxing visa regulations due to merely safety issue. Having a visa, which tutees had got with blood, sweat and tears, guarantee absence of problems not only for government and university but also for students.