My favorite way of travelling

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My favorite way of travel.I like traveling very much. Nowadays it is very easy to do it.
I like to travel by car. This is a great way to see nearby cities. Traveling by car, you can stop where you want and see what interests you. I like to travel by car as well because it is the family type of travel. We can choose the place where we want to go. We don't need to buy tickets in advance. And we can hit the road any time we want, regardless of the transport schedule. On the way, we can see other cities that we pass.
My family and I often travel to Chelyabinsk and Zlatoust by car. We also like to travel by car to the sights of our region, such as Taganay, Lake Zyuratkul and so on. Our South Ural is rich in its historical and natural sights. So, I love to travel around the Urals by car. When we visit the regional center - the city of Chelyabinsk, we will definitely visit the regional museum of local lore. The museum is housed in a modern, beautiful building on the banks of the Miass River. It was here that the fortress was built, from which the city began, so it is no coincidence that the museum building resembles a fortress. In total, the museum has more than 250 thousand interesting unique exhibits. My family and I will definitely visit the pedestrian street Kirovka, which is the historical cultural center of the city. The street is famous for its ancient buildings from the 19th century and original sculptures.
The Chelyabinsk Regional Drama Theater is interesting not only for its performances, but also for the fact that it is located in a building that attracts with its unusual architecture. The square and fountains around the theater are a favorite place for recreation of Chelyabinsk residents and guests of the city. My family and I also love to go here by car.
The city of Zlatoust, where we also travel by car, is the birthplace of damask steel. Products of Zlatoust masters are known all over the world. When we visit Zlatoust, we visit the Museum of Local Lore, the Museum of Cold Weapons and the Bazhov Park.Aleksandrovskaya Sopka is located near Zlatoust. Even beginner tourists can climb it. It is believed that Tsar Alexander visited the hill. All the beauty of the Ural nature can be seen in the Taganay National Park. We also get to it park by car. The area of the park is 568 sq.m. This is the most popular tourist destination. We admire high mountain ranges, placers of stones, picturesque forests. If you climb the Black Rock, you can see a beautiful panorama. Tourists come here all year round.We take all guests who come to us from other regions to Taganay.
We also love to travel by car on the lakes of our region. The South Ural is rich in its lakes. The largest lake in the South Urals is Lake Turgoyak. When you look at it, it seems that it is a sea. Lake Turgoyak is famous for its crystal clear water and picturesque shores. The lake is located near the city of Miass. We like to swim in Turgoyak when it's hot. Not far from the town of Miass is the famous ski resort "Solnechnaya Dolina". There are hotels, cafes and restaurants, entertainment and sports grounds for children and adults. There is a winter skating rink, snowmobiles. Here you can not only go downhill skiing, but also have a great rest with the whole family.
The Miass city has also its own attractions. One of them is the Museum of the Automobile Plant, which produces world-famous trucks. We visited this museum and loved it. In Miass, you can visit the local history museum and the House of the merchant Smirnov.
In Chebarkul, where I live, it is wonderful to relax in summer. Our land is the land of blue lakes. We love to swim in the lakes Chebarkul, Elovoe, Kisegach. And of course you can visit the monument to the meteorite and see the model of the Chebarkul fortress.I really love to travel around the South Urals and I think that the car is perfect for these trips.