The recipe for one of my most simple and favorite dishes

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The recipe for one of my most simple and favorite dishes is mini pizza.
Mini pizza can be prepared as usual: Add yeast, milk, egg, and then wait until it rises...its too dull and slow!
But what to do if you want to eat. And the stores are closed for quarantine and you only have the basic ingredients?
I will show you how to make a quick and simple mini pizza!
Cut a loaf.
Smear with sauce (you can use any one you like) P.S.: I use a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise.
Cut the sausage (any) and put it on the bread.
Rub the cheese and sprinkle.
Put in the microwave oven for 2 minutes.
And here! We have a ready-made mini pizza!
P.S. It is worth mentioning that the mini pizza can be put in addition to the above products something else, such as cucumbers, etc.
This blog came to an end! Good luck in cooking!