My favorite book. L. V.

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I want to tell you about Jack London and his adventure story «Love of life»
Jack London (John Griffith Cheney) is an American writer and journalist, war correspondent, social activist and socialist. His most famous works in the genre of adventure story: «Love of life», «Brown Wolf», «The God of his fathers», «Son of the wolf», «The king’s wife», «The man with the scar», «White silence». They brought him worldwide fame. They made him the most English-language writer of the early XX century/ the press called him Last Romantic.
The main character goes through the Canadian tundra to the South. He was betrayed and thrown by comrade Bill. He twisted his leg as they were going a shallow river, and called to his companion, but one didn’t even look back. And here he was with a bad leg to survive alone in this cold world of the Canadian tundra. He rubs his feet to live meat, goes days without food, throws away all the accumulated gold, and loses his gun, hat, and matches. I met a wolf as sick as he was. The wolf trailed after the main character and waited for the man to die, but the traveler overcame himself and bit the wolf's neck, drank his blood. This traveler almost died and almost lost his mind, but still survived. He reached the Arctic ocean, where he was picked up in a serious condition by a scientific expedition.
The main thing in this story is that a person can overcome all difficulties and hardships in the fiting for life.
I believe that everyone should read this story. Because it teaches us not to despair, to remember that we have one life and this is the most precious thing in the world, not to give up even in the most hopeless situations. Teaches you to always fight for life. The book keeps you on your toes all the time. Are you always afraid for the main character, what will happen to him tomorrow, will he reach the Land of little sticks or at least survive? The book will not take you long, it is not large and can be read in one breath.