The College of Dentistry of New York University

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The College of Dentistry of New York University
It is the third oldest and the largest private dental school in the United States. It is composed of clinics, laboratories, and other teaching facilities contained within several buildings
Since its foundation, New York University has been a private university, operating under a board of trustees.
Being founded in 1865, the New York College of Dentistry became an integral part of New York University in 1925.
A few years ago the College of Dentistry reached a decision to expand its previous three-year curriculum to a four-year curriculum. The curriculum is a synthesis of many areas of knowledge, including: biology, physics, biochemistry, medicine, surgery, biomechanics, aesthetics, manual skills and social sciences. In addition to providing the student with the biological and social basis for application of clinical skills, the educational programme focuses on prevention as a much desired goal in dental practice and research. Advances in the dental sciences and the increasing dental health needs of the public call for an understanding of general health problems and greater cooperation with other health professions.
The educational goal is to educate and train clinically competent general practitioners, well-grounded in both basic and clinical sciences, fully prepared to adapt to changes in dental care needs and ready to keep up-to-date with the developing dental knowledge.
During the first and second years, the course includes both the basic sciences and clinical sciences.
Clinical practice during the first and second years begins with a series of lectures on the dental patient aimed at preparing the student for the duties and responsibilities of everyday practice. The student learns the importance and the role of the dentist as part of the health team. During the second, and continuing into the third and fourth years, each student is assigned patients. Duties begin with examination of the patient and end only when the patient's dental health is restored to the best possible state. The students are responsible for treatment planning, making appointments and providing dental treatment.
1. What is the College of Dentistry composed of?
2. Is New York University a state or private university?
3. What is the period of study at this dental school?
4. What does educational programme focuse on?
5. In what way does the curriculum in the third year differ from those in the first and second years ?
6. When and how does clinical practice start?
7. What are the student's duties in the course of clinical practice?
8. Who is responsible for treatment planning?
1. When does a student apply for admission to medical school?
2. What is the most important factor in the selection of students?
3. What is the aim of personal interview with applicants to medical school?
4. What degree do students receive at the end of four years of study?
5. Where can the graduates work after the residency?