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From paper dove to rocket to Mars 19050-49276000
Yesterday was just a look and a dream.
Today is Mars. Tomorrow …
left17653000Today we want to conquer Mars, and in the old days, the ancient man looked at the sky for the firs time and wondered: what is there? How did it happen that several thousand years separate us from this question, but it has become a dream of many millions of people in the present day?
Let's mentally plunge into the distant Ancient Egypt. Here, an Egyptian architect after a hard working day, resting on the porch of his house, looking at the rising creation of his people. As he gazes at the still-unfinished pyramid, he imagines how it will touch the stars with its point. And then, rushing through the peak of the future miracle of light, thought rushes into the unknown distance, leaving behind the red-hot fireballs, driven by the great God RA. He takes to the vast expanses of his questions about what is happening where his imperfect gaze can not penetrate. Dreaming of the greatness of his Pharaoh, he goes to sleep.
And somewhere on the other side of the raging sea, many centuries later, a simple Greek youth, like this Egyptian, listening to the gusts of wind, prays to the gods who live on Olympus under the very vault of heaven. Wanting to know everything that exists, he is sick with the thought of the top of the house of Zeus, where all the the world would be visible. And every time he thinks about the crazy possibility, the young man thinks… Is there anything else behind all this? On a clear night, it is especially easy for him to see the expanses of the domain of the gods, and it seems to him that he sees even more, even higher.
 The same question is asked by an Arab astronomer, observing the heavenly bodies from his observatory. While taking notes, he does not  suspect yet what value will they  have for future generations. He's thinking of something else. His thought penetrates the dome of the sky, but still cannot reach the Moon, the Sun, the stars. His dream of knowing the world is still so far away, but driven by it, he bends over his works again to put the finishing touches into them.
right8461100The immutable passage of time is accompanied by a clash and change of views requiring resolution. Human curiosity will be tested. Through difficulties and even suffering, the possibility of future generations not only to think, but also to implement their plans and desires, is defended. The new time is the starting point for those who are eager to look into the depths of right-45021500space. The telescope becomes a tool for planning future achievements on the way to this endless, alluring unknown. They learn to express space in the language of new mathematical models that will allow people anywhere in the world to contribute to the common cause.Time is inexorably rushing on and on, without making out the road. And here is the man who previously only thought about the sky, about space, imagining flight, but vaguely imagining it, launches the first artificial satellite. The dogma of the inaccessibility of space, which made the Earth as a prison and man as a prisoner, collapsed overnight.
429577516700500The first artificial satellite, first man in space, first landing on the moon…
“That’s one small step for a man, but one giant leap for mankind.” This step is the first, but not the last. Hearts are filled with pride at the sight of human achievements in the space industry. New discoveries are ahead.
The fate of these words is to become a modern anthem. Many paths in the past of divided nations and states merge in a single impulse to open the way to bright future. 
016764000...The lifeless red desert meets man with silence. What does it lay ahead  for us in the future? Many questions, plans, simple human desires and doubts are associated with the possibility of finding a new home. Huge uncharted space needs our participation. With thousands of years of hard-earned experience behind them, literally bit by bit, people can master this undoubtedly harsh environment faster than the Earth have mastered.
To the first messenger of the Earth, climbing the nearest hill, vast expanses of sand open up. Distant dream… Its porthole reflects the bustling life of the first colonies that became a shelter for a man of the future, and in the distance a new spaceship is flying to the next planet for the next dream of young generation of space explorers…
For thousands of years our ancestors were not indifferent to sky and space. They did their best to one day fly under the stars on a par with birds, and to one day get to the stars themselves. As their descendants and successors of their deeds, we are also dreaming of this. Today we are exploring a new opportunity to finally break away from the Earth and move on to the planets of the Solar system. And then…
-712470-44132500051117500And this path to the greatness of humanity will begin with a small but important step. With Mars.