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Excessive use of antibiotics threat to livestock
About 40 to 80 percent of the antibiotics used on livestock are not necessary, experts say. The misuse of drugs on animals and humans ,can lead to drug resistance.
The author pays specific attention to drug resistance. The threat of misuse drugs on animals and humans are viewed in the article.
Most farmers use antibiotics to boost growth. The drugs are used in low doses in animal feeds to improve the quality of the animal, with a lower percentage of fat and a higher protein content in meat, exposing them to resistance. Farmers buy the drugs from agrovet shop counters without knowing the dangers.
The article describes to affect of antibiotics on livestock.
The attempts to be tackled urgently are proposed by the author.
I believe that the use of antibiotics for livestock should be carefully considered so that it does not do much harm to animals, firstly. In order to receive high-quality animal products, it is necessary to ensure that the influence of drugs does not lead to a negative outcome on products, secondly. And thirdly, in order for the products to be useful, ready to be fully consumed, it is necessary to put a lot of effort and effort into this.