Some people prefer online classes, while others think that it is better to be in a traditional classroom.

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The question regarding the productivity of classes is becoming prominent these days as online classes are becoming popular. While a group prefers it, others believe traditional classrooms can perform better. Both views are significant, and hence a thorough discussion is necessary before framing a logical conclusion.
Those who support online classes believe that they can be accessible to a large group of candidates irrespective of their geographical locations. It can be seen that many online courses have unlimited enrollments from across the world, which can be hardly seen in any other forms of education. Another advantage is the flexibility of time it offers. For instance, an online student can complete his tasks without having concerns of a daily time schedule. This may attract more students. Finally, they point at the affordability of such courses, as most of these classes are comparatively cheaper.
By contrast, the supporters of traditional classroom education focus on the effectiveness of such classes. For example, the pass percentage is mostly high in a traditional classroom set up. The next focus they give is on the better co-ordination of classes. They feel classes would be more lively when one to one interactions and group discussions happen, which is very vital in the learning process. Lastly, they focus on the flexibility of teaching process. In a traditional set up, a teacher can monitor her students instantly, get immediate feedback and can modify her classes.
After analyzing both views in detail, though online education opens doors to a wide range of candidates at an affordable rate, I think, when it comes to the effectiveness, I would prefer the traditional classroom education.
Online learning is a new form of learning that has helped a lot of students study comfortably at home.
Studying online is more interesting because you have more freedom. You can study at your own pace and choose the resources that best meet your learning goals.
Online classroom environment is a more exciting place as you can work in pairs and small groups without being interrupted by students from other groups.
Live communication at school is more exciting
Teacher’s live presence makes classes more fascinating