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Контрольная работа для 1 курса
Вариант 2
Задание 1. Выбрать нужную форму глагола (Present Simple / Present Continuous) и вставить в предложение
1. They … for us near the door.
a) are waiting
b) waitsc) is waiting
d) am waiting
2. Harry … television every day.
a) is watching
b) watch
c) are watching
d) watches3. What … in the room now?
a) they are doing
b) are they doing
c) do they do
d) they do
4. Ann … French at all.
a) isn’t speaking
b) not speaks
c) doesn’t speaking
d) doesn’t speak
5. Mr. Scott … German to Ann at the moment
a) speaksb) is speaking
c) are speaking
d) speaking6. I am busy now. I … to the radio.a) am listening
b) listenc) am listen
d) listening7. They … to the seaside every summer.
a) are going
b) goesc) god) is going
8. No, I … the newspaper at the moment
a) am not reading
b) don’t read
c) don’t reading
d) amnt reading
9. No, she … in this house.
a) isn’t live
b) don’t live
c) doesn't live
d) lives not
10. Where … he is from?
a) are you thinking
b) do you think
c) are you think
d) you don’t think
Задание 2. Перевести текст на русский язык.
Education in Our Life
Education plays a very important role in our life. It is one of the most valuable possessions a man can get in his life. During all the periods of human history education ranked high among people. Human progress mostly depended upon well-educated people. Self-education is very important for the development of human's talents. Only through self-education a person can become a harmonically developed personality. A person becomes a highly qualified specialist after getting some special education. And professionalism can be reached only through it. Even highly qualified specialists from time to time attend refresher courses to refresh their knowledge. We get our knowledge of this world and life through education. Many famous discoveries would have been impossible if people were not interested in learning something. Education develops different sides of human personality, reveals his abilities. Besides, it helps a person to understand himself, to choose the right way in this world. The civilized state differs from others in the fact that it pays much attention to the educational policy. John Kennedy said: "Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education". But it doesn't concern only one particular nation. We know that science and art belong to the whole world. Before them the barriers of nationality disappear. So education brings people closer to each other, helps them to understand each other better.