Studying online is more interesting than studying at school_variant 2

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Studying online is more interesting than studying at school.
It goes without saying that education plays an important role in our lives nowadays. Some people believe that education via the internet is more beneficial than tradition school education, while others are sure that going to school is more exciting for the students.
Personally, I think that schooling is the best form of education. Firstly, the aim of any education is not only to give useful knowledge in science, but to help students develop communication skills and team spirit. In school there are friendly classmates and teachers which will always help you. Secondly, when children are physically surrounded by like-minded people, it helps to make the lessons more interesting and interactive Moreover, at school you can focused on the material given in class, while at home there are many interfering factors.
However, there are those who say that online education is more convenient, because it allows students to study practically everywhere. Besides, person can study in some comfortable and relaxing atmosphere rather than go to the school five-six days a week early mornings.
Nevertheless, I think that only a school can create a convenient conditions for educating children. You clearly know how much time you will spend studying and resting, while online education cannot provide constancy and daily effective education. In conclusion I would like to say that schooling has its pros and cons, but I am totally convinced that school interaction is the key to successful education.
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