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ЗАДАНИЕ: Прочитайте текст и письменно переведите его в тетради по английскому языку. Обратите внимание на слова из текста, которые даются ниже. Письменно выполните упражнения.

There are some distinctions between metals and nonmetals. Metals are distinguished from nonmetals by their high conductivity for heat and electricity, by metallic luster and by their resistance to electric current. Their use in industry is explained not only by those properties, but also by the fact that their properties, such as strength and hardness, can be greatly improved by alloying them with other metals.
There are several important groups of metals and alloys. The common metals such as iron, copper, zinc, etc. are produced in great quantities.
The so-called precious metals include silver, gold, platinum and palladium. The light metals are aluminium, beryllium and titanium. They are important in aircraft and rocket construction.
Many elements are classified as semimetals (bismuth, for example) because they have much poorer conductivity than common metals.
Nonmetals (carbon, silicon, sulphur) in the solid state are usually brittle materials without metallic luster and are usually poor conductors of electricity. Nonmetals show great variety of chemical properties than common metals do.
Metals can undergo corrosion, changing in this case their chemical and electromechanical properties. In order to protect metals from corrosion the products made of metals and steel are coated by some films (coatings). Organic coatings protect metals and steel from corrosion by forming a corrosion-resistant barrier between metal or steel and the corrosive environment.
luster– блеск
property– свойство
quantity- количество
conductivity- проводимость
solid state– твердое состояние
brittle- хрупкий
undergo- подвергаться
to protect … from– защищать от
environment– окружающая среда
alloy- сплав
poor conductor– плохой проводник
distinction- различие
strength- прочность
hardness– твердость

Ex. 1. Answer to the following questions (письменно ответьте на вопросы):
By what properties are metals distinguished from non-metals?
What common metals are produced in great quantities?
What metals are called light?
What properties do non-metals have?
What is done to protect metals from corrosion?

Ex. 2. Match the beginning and the end of the sentences and translate them (сопоставьте начало и концовку предложения):
There are some different groups of metals, such as:
light metals
common metals
precious metals

nonmetalsiron, copper, zinc
silver, gold, platinum
aluminium, beryllium, titanium

carbon, silicon, sulphur
aluminium, beryllium, titanium
Ex. 3. Make up the sentences from the following words and translate them into Russian (составьте предложения из данных слов и переведите их):
There / several / alloys / groups / important / metals / of / and / are.
Metals / corrosion / undergo / can.
Organic / corrosion /coatings / protect / steel / metals / from /and.
Many / are / as / elements / classified / semimetals.
Nonmetals / properties / properties / chemical / show / great / variety / of.