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Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action (

But very few organizations know why they do what they doand by why I dont
mean to make a _________, I mean whats your __________,
whats your _________, whats your ____________.

People dont buy _______ _____ _____, they buy
______ ______ ______ ______.

The goal is not to do business with everybody who
needs ______ _____ _____, the goal is to do
business with people who ______________________.

This information is grounded in ____________, not _________________.

The outer circle corresponds with our neocortex, which is responsible for _________ and ___________ thought, and ____________

The two inner circles correspond to our limbic brain, which is responsible for all of our _______________.
Its responsible for __________-making and behavior, but has no capacity for ______________.

We use the phrase it just doesnt feel right because the part of the brain that controls _______________
doesnt control ________________.

Samuel Pierpont Langley didnt succeed in figuring out a flying machine because ____________________

The Wright Brothers succeeded because _____________________________________________________

The Law of Diffusion of Innovation: The first 2.5% of the population are our ___________________.
The next 13.5% are our early _____________. The next 34% are your early _________________, your
late _______________, and your laggards (people who buy because they cant buy the old thing 16%).

You must reach the tipping point into mass market success by closing the ________, because the early majority ______ _______ _______ something until _______ _______ has _________ it first.

People who buy early do it for themselves, because they want to be ___________.

TiVo had everything going for them, but they are a commercial _____________. Theyve never _______ _______. This is because ________________________________________________________________.

250,000 people showed up to listen to Dr. King speak even though they sent out no ________________, and there was no website to ________ ____ ________.

King gave the I ______ __ _______ speech, not the I _______ __ _______ speech.

we follow those who lead not because ____ ______ ____, but because _____ ______ ____. We follow those who lead not for _______, but for _____________.

Before watching the talk:

Apple is a _____________ company.
Martin Luther King was the leader of ____________________________
The Wright Brothers were the first to ______________________________

How do you explain when others are able to achieve things that seem to defy all assumptions?
In other words: ______________________________________________________________________


a pattern ___________________
to get something (as in, I get it) ______________________
to challenge the status quo ______________________
a PDA ____________________
a gut decision ______________________
a tipping point _______________________
TiVo ________________________
IPO ________________________
the stock has never traded above 10 __________________________
the mall in Washington _____________________________

After watching the talk:

Was there anything in the talk you didnt agree with? __________________________________________

List 4 ways/areas in which you or someone you know could apply this idea: