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theoretical and practical conference SERGEI PARAJANOV THROUGH THE FOCUS OF 2020
5-th of June 2020

The conference Sergei Parajanov through the Focus of 2020 is going to be held to initiate the investigation and the discussion of the outstanding film-director and artist creative heritage. It's dedicated to the urgent problems and strategies concerned with the phenomenon of Parajanov, his impact on the new political and social discourses, the issues of global and individual identity, communication and representation, which are being actualized in context of mobility and transparency of former disciplinary boarders and norms.
Within the framework of the conference, we are going to put forward the questions of the Parajanov's creative heritage, in which the phenomenon of national and universal, general and unique is expressed by his inimitable movie technique. We also plan to discuss the connection between the social-political reality and different sorts of art, and it's social, political and religious dimensions, the role and place of the cinema inside the authoritarian (and) contemporary society; it's meaning for all the people and a person.
The interdisciplinary orientation of the conference offers the wide investigation area for the historians, philosophers, art critics, cinematologists, cultural studies researchers, theorists of religion, anthropologists and psychologists. We hope, our conference is going to become one of the important events of the contemporary humanitarian studies in Russia.
The Organizing Committee: Egorov V.A. (the chairman), Rakhmaninova M.D. (the executive secretary), Sinitzin A.A., Nekrasova E.S.

The approximate Issues:
- Parajanov's artistic language;
- Cinema and picture: dynamics and statics;
- History and tradition: the national and the international dimensions;
- Social, political and gender discourses; - Religious, myphological, philosophical and epical aspects of Parajanov's cinema; - Traditions and innovations; - Genesis of Parajanov's creation; - Artistic and semantic parallels: Parajanov's inspiration and his impact on art.
Participation in the conference: internal and absentee.
Language: Russian.
Unfortunately, the Organizing Committee is unable to cover the way-, residence- and food-costs.
As the follow-up to the conference there will be published the collection of the reports with index ISBN and layout in RSCI. The receipt of applications: before the 20-th of May (incl.) via e-mail:
The application should contain the following information: 1. First name, last name 2. Academic degree 3. Appointment 4. Place of employment/study 5. Issue of the report 6. Notes (to 1500 words). Type: Times New Roman Size of type: 12 Basic line space: 1,0 pt The papers containing the conference materials should be applied before the 15-th of July 2020.
The paper volume: 20000 40 000 characters
***** Enclosure 1. Execution of application
Romanenko Jury Mikhailovich, professor of the Department for Ontology and Gnoseology of St.Petersburg State University PARAJANOV: BEING AND TIME Abstracts up to 1500 words.